• Watching you sleep

    This a post about more "Garden" awesomeness and creepy aliens watching you while you sleep. When it comes to alien movies I have to say I prefer creepy horror ones (think 4th kind, Signs, Dark skies) than fancy 3D invasions (even if I like them too). While I was unpacking all the cool stuff from TLC's "The Garden" I thought it would be fun to do a creepy  alien pic in the mood of those movies. I can't say it turned out too creepy because aliens are too damn skinny to be that menacing and Eve would probably end up kicking his ass! The bed used is Mudhoney's item for "The Garden" and it comes with a bunch of neat amimations (one of them used in the pic). The posters with the cool slogans are also from "The Garden" by Standby Inc and you can find the mesh alien avatar here.

    Taxi to The Garden

    Disclaimer : No anal probing took place during the shooting of the pic (despite Eve's best efforts).

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