• This is a post about memes, city centers, lakeside huts, vampire castles and medieval awesomeness. This week's "monday meme" from Berry's blog is about all those sims you love visiting and taking pics in SL. Since I have never really done any pics for this blog without my hairy mug in them I thought it was time to do just that for once.

    The first sim I thought I'd share is the Mayfair sim. I'm pretty sure most of you know it already since it has been a favorite place for blog pics and I have used it myself quite a few times. The reason is not only the fact that it's fully mesh (unless I'm horribly mistaken) but also the success it has capturing the "city center" feel, perfect for fashion blog pics.

    The second place in my list is Roche. It is an awesome rendition of a lakeside picturesque place with various really detailed buildings scattered all around, perfect for pics. From a rail station to a bakery and from this neat farm you see above to a bus stop, Roche is a sim begging to be explored.

    Gehena Vampire clan is a sim I've only recently discovered from Ziki's blog and that's the reason I haven't really used it for any pics yet. It features a really detailed medieval/fantasy style of town with this badass castle towering over it. It's perfect for fantasy/RP kind of pics and I'm sure I will be using it a lot in the near future.

    Last but not least, the beautiful Venexia sim. Another vampire RP sim, Venexia captures perfectly the style and mood of renaissance Venice. Its design is so awesome that everytime I am in it I feel like I am playing an Assassin's Creed game! A "must visit" both for photographers and RPers.

    I have to say I really had a hard time picking just four because I can think of so many other places I love visiting. Insilico, Virtual Decay, Rougham, Looking Glass to name a few, so many places in my list not only for their looks but also because they bring back memories from a time my SL was more about playing and exploring than it is now .

  • Skin : ~Tableau Vivant~ Nathan skin - Tone 6
    Eyes : IKON - Ardent eyes - Blossom
    Hair :  Action - James "NEW"
    Ears :  [MANDALA] - Stretched ears-Omimi
    Vest&shirt : :SEY  - Gilet(paisley)+T-shirt
    Pants : *chronokit* Cropped Sarrouel Pants  "NEW"
    Boots :  [Gos] - Triumph Boots
    Necklace :  [MANDALA] -Gyatei

    Pose by CnS

    Listening to...

  • Skin : ~Tableau Vivant~ Nathan skin - Tone 6
    Hair :  ::Exile:: - Vindicated
    Jacket : FATEwear - James
    Pants : REDGRAVE - Black Jeans LQM  (liquid mesh)
    Boots : REDGRAVE - Riders boots

    Table and stools by Trompe Loeil "NEW" @ The Garden
    Burgers by PILOT
    Posters by What Next
    Juke box by Standby Inc "NEW" @ The Garden

    Pose (on Alex) by CnS

  • This is a post about the new FATEplay release, annoying little magicians and magic wands (that don't vibrate). FATEplay is on a roll and it already has a new release inspired by your favorite little magician with nerdy glasses. The new outfit is called "Henry" and it comes in many versions so you can use it both as a simple school uniform and as an aspiring sorcerer's outfit (see them all here). I'd pull my wand out (yes, it includes a magic wand of fireball awesomeness) but I'm a Harry Potter hater so I will stick to my plain school boy's life. Credits and Slurls to follow.

    Skin : ~Tableau Vivant~ Nathan skin - Tone 6
    Eyes :  IKON - Ardent eyes - Blossom
    Hair :  ::Exile:: - Tidal
    Glasses :  [Steinwerk] - Alphabeat glasses
    Outfit : FATEplay - Henry "NEW" 
    Shoes : ISPACHI Mesh - Mason Brogues
    Bag :   ~Tableau Vivant~ (past arcade item)

    Poses by CnS
    Location : Rougham

  • Skin : Clef de Peau - Julian "NEW" @ The 24
    Eyes : IKON - Ardent eyes - Blossom
    Hair :  Action - James "NEW"
    Piercings : - .HoD. - Lisbeth
    Pants : APHORISM -  Linen pants "NEW" @ Mens Dept August
    Necklace : ~Tableau Vivant~ Keyring necklace "NEW" @ faMESHed August
    Tattoo : AITUI - When the beast
    Feet : Slink

    Poses by Del May & CnS

  • This a post about more "Garden" awesomeness and creepy aliens watching you while you sleep. When it comes to alien movies I have to say I prefer creepy horror ones (think 4th kind, Signs, Dark skies) than fancy 3D invasions (even if I like them too). While I was unpacking all the cool stuff from TLC's "The Garden" I thought it would be fun to do a creepy  alien pic in the mood of those movies. I can't say it turned out too creepy because aliens are too damn skinny to be that menacing and Eve would probably end up kicking his ass! The bed used is Mudhoney's item for "The Garden" and it comes with a bunch of neat amimations (one of them used in the pic). The posters with the cool slogans are also from "The Garden" by Standby Inc and you can find the mesh alien avatar here.

    Taxi to The Garden

    Disclaimer : No anal probing took place during the shooting of the pic (despite Eve's best efforts).

  • This is a post about unplanned blogging and fancy clothes. I didn't originally plan to blog this look since I have already blogged most of the stuff I am wearing and I was mostly making it for fun, but when I saw dazzling miss Leroux there I just had to jump in. I was playing with different versions of Kauna's 3pc suit (navy & white) trying to make a fancy vintage looking and I have to say I 'm pretty satisfied with the result! Eve is mostly wearing items from the current Collabor 88 round (what got me in the mood to make a look in the first place) and you can find her credits here .

    Skin : ~Tableau Vivant~ Nathan skin - Tone 6
    Eyes :  IKON - Ardent eyes - Blossom
    Hair : [taketomi] - Gyp
    Ears :  [MANDALA]
    Facial hair : NIVARO - painter beard
    Blazer : Kauna - 3pc - Navy
    Shirt : Kauna - 3pc - White
    Pants : Kauna - 3pc - White
    Tie & handkerchief : Kauna - 3pc accesories
    Shoes : Kauna - Wingtip brogues (texture change HUD included)
    Hands :  Cheer No

    Pose (on Alex) by Diesel works
    Location : Mayfair 

  • This is yet another quick decor post because with all the awesomeness available in the various events at the moment, there is so much stuff to blog! This bedroom suite (bed,nightstands) is from Eleventh hour and it is on sale at the current round of faMESHed (open until the end of the month). I like the "summery" feel it has to it and it even comes with rotating fans and coconuts! Credits to follow,

    Bedroom suite by Eleventh hour "NEW" @ faMESHed August
    Lamp by Trompe Loeil
    Book stack by PILOT
    Wall art by PILOT
    Safe by PILOT
    Chair & Wall clock by What Next "NEW" @ The Garden
    Typewriter by Tartessos Arts
    Notepad/pen by What Next
    Tie rack by PILOT

    House by Vespertine

  • Out there but where you may ask. The answer is at the new round of the Garden which has opened its doors on the 15th and it's full of goodness. The theme for this round is "area 51" and there are so many fun and well made items for sale. From vintage living room sets to "I want to believe" posters and from ridable UFOs to 5Os diner sets, this round has something for everyone! I grabbed some stuff and put them out for our two agents to have some R&R before they continue their search for the truth and tin foil hats. Credits and taxi to follow.

    Taxi to The Garden

    Living room set (table, couch/chair. bookcase, lamp and wall art) by DIGS "NEW" @ The Garden
    Magazine stand & wall clock by What Next "NEW" @ The Garden
    Coffee tray set by What Next
    Little UFO by MishMish "NEW" @ The Garden

    Now if only someone made that hair in SL...

  • Skin : ~Tableau Vivant~ Nathan skin - Tone 6
    Hair : Dura -Boy 41
    Glasses : ZOOM - Wo-onka
    Ears : [MANDALA] - Stretched ears-Omimi
    Facial hair :  [CheerNo] - BEARD.07/Unorthodox - Full beard
    Jacket & shirt : FATEwear - Logan "NEW"
    Jeans : not so bad - JORIS jeans
    Boots : FRUK - Nitric boots "NEW" @ Mens Dept August
    Hands : Cheer No

    Poses by Diesel works and Exposeur
    Location : Roche 

  • This is a post about vintage stuff, my love for vintage stuff and Collabor 88. I don't know if I have mentioned it before but I'm always excited to find out about an event with vintage themed items. I have a love for most things vintage from clothing to decor so you can imagine I was happy to know the new (2nd anniversary) round of Collabor 88 had that theme. The event has opened its doors and you can tell how popular it is by the fact it is constantly full! I finally managed to teleport today and grabbed some pretty cool stuff for a vintage mancave I have on the works. Credits to follow!

    Taxi to Collabor 88

    Armoire & dresser by Apple Fall "NEW" @ Collabor 88
    Globe bar & Gramophone by Standby Inc "NEW" @ Collabor 88
    Lamp by Trompe Loeil (past Arcade event)
    Wall art by What Next
    Boxes by Vespertine

    Skybox by Vespertine

  • Skin : ~Tableau Vivant~ Nathan skin - Tone 6
    Eyes :  IKON - Ardent eyes - Blossom
    Hair : REDGRAVE -  Hair TYLER
    Glasses : REDGRAVE - Sunglasses ZENITH
    Shirt : Nerd.P - Denim shirt  "NEW" @ Mens Dept August
    Pants : ISPACHI - Mesh [Executive Chinos]
    Shoes : Entente - Hemming shoes
    Tattoo : AITUI - When the beast
    Bag :  FATEwear  (comes with fatpack of any item)

    Pose by CnS

  • Skin : ~Tableau Vivant~ Nathan skin - Tone 6
    Eyes :  IKON - Ardent eyes - Blossom
    Hair : Exile - Days Go By
    T-shirt :  Kauna  - SilouWar Tshirt "NEW" @ faMESHed August (comes with texture change HUD)
    Pants : !gO! - Pocket Pants
    Boots : Adjunct - Jacob's Ladder Boots
    Backpack :  DECO - MESH Survivalist Backpack "NEW" @ Mens Dept August
    Tattoo : AITUI - When the beast

    Poses by CnS
    Location : Roche

  • Skin : ~Tableau Vivant~ Nathan skin - Tone 6
    Hair :  Taketomi    - Jirou
    Eyes :  IKON - Ardent eyes - Blossom
    Facial hair :  NIVARO - painter beard
    Suit : Kauna - 3pc suit - Harris Tweed "NEW"
    Shoes : Kauna  Wingtip Brogues
    Hat :  enkiL - Wicker hat

    Chair by DIGS
    Pose (1st pic) by Exposeur

  • This is a post about red coats of badassery, key necklaces, layer clothing and a tad bit of nerdiness. I have to confess that I have become a total mesh snob over the past year, I 've deleted most of my old layer stuff and it's been more than a year since the last time I 've worn any kind of layer clothing. So you can imagine my frustration when this neat coat's name gave me an idea for a nerdy look and there was no way I could pull it off by wearing a mesh tank on the inside. Of course the new coat from FATEwear comes with its own shirt and tie to match with and they look awesome but I didn't want to clean up that much for the look I had in mind. So I resorted to the unthinkable, wore a random basic layer tank (after digging really deep in my inventory) and  I have to say layer clothing is still good for something after all! The other item I wanted to focus on is this really cool key necklace from Tableau Vivant available at this month's faMESHed. I'm always excited to see more male/unisex mesh accesories and this one is an excellent piece! Credits and linkage to follow.

    Skin : ~Tableau Vivant~ Nathan skin - Tone 6
    Hair : Dura - Boy 42
    Eyes : IKON - Ascension - silverleaf
    Eye make up : KOSH - Too much stress
    Coat :  FATEwear - Dante "NEW"
    Pants : FATEwear - Brad
    Necklace : ~Tableau Vivant~ Keyring necklace "NEW" @ faMESHed August
    Boots : [Gos] - Triumph Boots
    Belt : Lapointe & Bastchild (edited)

    Location : Ghostville

  • Skin : ~Tableau Vivant~ Nathan skin - Tone 6
    Hair : Boon - GA5760
    Glasses :  Remarkable Oblivion - Sandstorm "NEW" @ faMESHed August
    Coat : DECO - MESH Peacemaker Duster - rolled - militant
    Jeans : RONSEM - Straight Jeans
    Boots : REDGRAVE -Rider Boots
    Tattoo :  AITUI - When the beast 

    Poses by CnS and Del May 

  • This is a post about new faMESHed and living room sets of awesomeness. It's been a while since I did a decor post so I took the chance and did one with the new stuff from Trompe Loeil at faMESHed. I 've probably mentioned it before but the quality of furniture stuff in this event is amazing, I don't even go to the mainstores anymore! This living room set is no different as you can see and there are different color options of it available at the event. Grab the taxi below to check it out!

    Couch, bench, table, chest, lamp & posters by Trompe Loel "NEW" @ faMESHed August
    Book stack by PILOT
    Crown decor by PILOT "NEW" @ Zodiac
    Magazines by Mudhoney
    Backgammon set by Second Spaces (past Arcade item)

    Cabin by Apple Fall