• Skin : ~Tableau Vivant~ David skin
    Eyes : IKON - Ardent eyes - Blossom
    Beret :  EPIA - Military Beret
    Uniform : EPIA - Military Combat Uniform (comes with boots and long sleeved version)
    Dirt tattoo : DECO

    Location : Calico

  • Yes, this is indeed a post about boiler suits, Halloween and inescapable murder. FATEplay is celebrating Halloween with a cool new release of murderous boiler suits. Inspired but famous killers of fiction the suits come with fitting accessories like bloody knives, hockey masks and machetes. Each suit comes with its own "tool" to play (in a very murderous way) with but if you want to mix and match you can also get the "tools of the trade" kit with all weapons/masks.

    Hair :  ~Tableau Vivant~ Kawashima "NEW"  @ Collabor 88
    Mask :  FATEplay - Hockey Mask  "NEW"
    Suit :  FATEplay - J.D. - Myers "NEW"
    Knife : FATEplay  - Chef Knife "NEW"
    Potential murdertime victim : Find your own!

    Pose (on me) by Del May

  • Skin : ~Tableau Vivant~ David skin
    Eyes : IKON - Ardent eyes - Blossom
    Hair :  ~Tableau Vivant~ Talamasca "NEW" @ Cosmetic fair
    Hoodie :  *chronokit* - Hoodie01 "NEW" (made to fit this blazer by the same brand)
    Pants : kal rau - Casual Chinos "NEW"
    Shoes :  2REAL- HOLBROOKZ

    Pose by Diesel Works

  • This is a post about new skins, new piercings and very delicate picture cropping. New releases by Tableau Vivant and HoD are a good excuse to do yet another post with a severe lack of clothing. Tableau released special versions of David and Lucis skins for Halloween and they are perfect for fantasy pics (which is all I am doing lately). The new "Enigma" piercing set by HoD, in Frost texture, was perfect to complete my look of total nakedness. Slurls and credits to follow.

    Skin : ~Tableau Vivant~ Lucis Skin - Horror edition "NEW"
    Eyes : Dead Apples - Phantom eyes "NEW"
    Hair :  ~Tableau Vivant~Alexander
    Piercings : - .HoD. - Enigma "NEW"

    Pose by Diesel works 

  • Skin : ~Tableau Vivant~ David skin
    Eyes : IKON - Ardent eyes - Blossom
    Hair :  [INK] - YOKE
    Turtleneck & shirt : Ispachi - Phillip "NEW"  (texture change HUD included)

    Pose by Diesel Works
    Location : Lula

  • Skin : ~Tableau Vivant~ David Skin - Horror edition "NEW"
    Eyes : REPULSE - Rigor Mortis
    Hair : ~Tableau Vivant~ Vlodovic Hair "NEW"
    Piercings :  - .HoD. - Cathaldus
    Collar :  .Shi  -  Hesed Neck Warmer "NEW" @ Collabor 88
    Pants :  .Shi - Outre - Leather Pants
    Hands/gloves : .Shi - Fingerless Gloves

    Couch by Apple Fall
    Pose by Del May

    Listening to...

  • Skin : ~Tableau Vivant~ David skin
    Eyes : IKON - Ardent eyes - Blossom
    Hair :  Dura - Boys&Girls 47
    Glasses : Sleepy Eddy - Boston glasses "NEW" @ Chapter 4
    Cardigan & shirt : Blank Line  "NEW" 
    Pants : ISPACHI - Rebellion skinny jeans
    Shoes : ISPACHI - Mason brogues
    Bag : Mr. Poet

    Poses by CnS
    Location : Inaka

    Listening to...

  • Skin : ~Tableau Vivant~ David skin
    Hair :  ~Tableau Vivant~ Talamasca "NEW" @ Cosmetic fair
    Hairbase : AITUI - Monumentum
    Glasses : REDGRAVE - Sunglasses ZENITH
    Jacket & shirt : Gizza -  Vintage Aviator  "NEW"
    Pants : Not so bad - Joris
    Necklace : MANDALA -GYATEI

    House by Pixel Mode "NEW" @ The Garden
    Chair by Consignment  "NEW" @ The Garden
    Backpack by DECO
    Patio heater by  Consignment  "NEW" @ The Garden
    Log table by Kuro  "NEW" @ The Garden
    Pumpkins by Eleventh Hour  (gacha)  "NEW" @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

  • Skin : ~Tableau Vivant~ David skin
    Hair : Underscore - Burc
    Shirt : FATEwear - Hardy "NEW"
    Pants : APHORISM - Bootcut jeans   "NEW" @ Mens Dept October

    Windmill skylounge by Breno "NEW" @ The Garden

    Listening to...

  • Skin : ~Tableau Vivant~ David skin
    Hair :  ~Tableau Vivant~ Kawashima "NEW"  @ Collabor 88
    Glasses : ISON
    Cardigan : Etham - Fall cardigan "NEW" @ Mens Dept October (texture change HUD included)
    Pants : kal rau - Casual jeans M3
    Shoes : Valiant - Verts "NEW" @ Collabor 88

    Pose by Oh!Studio
    Location : Mayfair

  • Skin :  ~Tableau Vivant~Nathan
    Eyes : Plastik - Uchiha Madara Mangekyou
    Hair : ~Tableau Vivant~ Beaumont "NEW" @ faMESHed October
    Piercings :  - .HoD. - Decay "NEW" (mesh revamp, lip paint included)
    Horns : Remarkable Oblivion - Baphomet horns "NEW"@ Body Modification expo
    Kilt : A.S.S - Long kilt
    Gloves/hands : Shi - Fingerless Gloves @ Arcade
    Necklace :  Maxi Gossamer - Zodiac - Aries
    Wings :  [europa] - Shryke wings "NEW" @ We Love Roleplay
    Sword : Primus weapons

    Listening to...

  • This is a flash post about my new house from Trompe Loeil that replaced my old house from Trompe Loeil that I got a month ago. The new house is available in this month's  Collabor 88 and as you can see it looks awesome. I made sure I filled it a little with the new living room set by the same brand available in faMESHed but since I am really slow with decorating you will have to wait to see the rest of the rooms! Credits to follow.

    Exterior :

    House by Trompe Loeil "NEW" @ Collabor 88
    Bench, pumpkins & straw seat by DIGS

    Interior :

    Couch, chairs, basket, table wall art & screen by Trompe Loeil "NEW" @ faMESHed October
    Rug by Izzie's
    Cabinet & decor flag by DIGS
    Coffee tray by What Next

  • This is a post about magic, Halloween, druids and epic frogs. It is October and just like every year SL events are full of Halloween stuff. From wizardry to skeletons and from brain eating zombies to (hopefully non-glittery) vampires there is so much cool stuff these days in SL that I don't know where to start! Wizarding faire, Fantasy gacha carnival, We love Roleplay, just to name a few, are full of Halloween goodies so make sure you don't miss them! Credits and SLurls to follow.

    Taxi to Wizarding Faire
    Taxi to Fantasy Gacha Carnival
    Taxi to We Love Roleplay
    Taxi to Oh My Gacha

    Skin : ~Tableau Vivant~ David skin
    Hair : Dura - Boy 48 "NEW"
    Hat : Remarkable Oblivion - Druid's hat  "NEW" @ Oh My Gacha
    Outfit : FATEplay - Ithron

    Wizard's Cupboard & contents by Eleventh Hour "NEW" @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival 
    Jars by Consignment  "NEW" @ Wizarding Faire
    Books & skull by Consignment  "NEW" @ Wizarding Faire
    Necklace by Essences  "NEW" @ Wizarding Faire
    Manuscript set  by Consignment  "NEW" @ Wizarding Faire
    Cauldron  by Consignment  "NEW" @ Wizarding Faire
    Book by  Schadenfreude "NEW" @ Wizarding Faire
    Frogs (gacha) by Beetlebones  "NEW" @ Wizarding Faire
    Eagle heads decor by De La Soul "NEW" @ We Love Roleplay
    Table by POST

    Pose by Del May

  • Skin : ~Tableau Vivant~ David skin
    Hair : Dura - Boy 48 "NEW"
    Glasses : REDGRAVE - Sunglasses ZENITH
    Jacket : Chronokit - Tailored jacket  "NEW"
    Pants : kal rau - Casual jeans M2
    Headphones : ISPACHI - Attero headphones "NEW"  @ Mens Dept October
    Necklace : ~Tableau Vivant~ Keyring necklace
    Piercing : - .HoD. - Mess of Metal
    Tattoo :  AITUI - Bugz

     For Eve's credits and more of her boobs click here.

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  • This is a post about photographers and their eyes, long haired dudes and facial piercings. Remarkable Oblivion is on a creative roll lately and their new release for faMESHed is no exception. The "Photographer's eye" comes in both closed and open versions and you can find it at the event. Since this blog post is all about stuff I'm wearing on my mug, a new release by HoD had to be there. This facial piercing set is not only brand new but it is also a gift (VIP group members) for the store's 4th anniversary. Happy Bday HoD! Lastly this cool new hair is yet another addition to Tableau Vivant's growing collection of longer hairstyles. You can also grab it at new faMESHed.

    Taxi to faMESHed

    Skin :  ~Tableau Vivant~ Lucius skin "NEW"
    Eye(s) : IKON - Ardent eyes - Blossom
    Hair : ~Tableau Vivant~ Beaumont "NEW" @ faMESHed October
    Camera eye thingy : Remarkable Oblivion - Photographer's eye  "NEW" @ faMESHed October
    Piercings :  - .HoD. - Broken Reflection "NEW" (VIP group gift)

  • Yes you! Have you started preparing for Halloween yet? If not, shame on you and I will probably be visiting you at night dressed like this! It's not too late though and I have the perfect place for you to start. Remarkable Oblivion has this amazing pumpkinhead mask as a group gift, completely free! It even comes in two versions, so don't miss it, go grab it now. And while you are at it, remember to pay a visit to the new round of faMESHed event to check out all the awesomeness, including this cool new shirt from Kauna. Stay tuned for more creepy goodness!

    Pumpkinhead : Remarkable Oblivion (group gift)
    Shirt : Kauna - Tunic "NEW" @ faMESHed October
    Gloves : FATEwear - Dexter

    Pose by Del May (slightly edited with Animare HUD)

  • Skin : ~Tableau Vivant~ David skin "NEW"
    Eyes : IKON - Ardent eyes - Blossom
    Hat : LaViere - Cashmere flatcap
    Coat & tee : Valiant - Radial coat "NEW" @ faMESHed October
    Tube scarf : DRIFT - Sweater Collar
    Pants :  FATEwear -  Billy  (Straight fit) "NEW"
    Pipe : Adjunct - Manhattan Pipe

    Pose by CnS (slightly edited with Animare HUD)
    Location : Rougham

    "We must free ourselves from the hope that the sea will ever rest. We must learn to sail in high winds" - Aristotle Onassis