• This is a post about layered jackets of awesomeness and the new faMESHed round. September is nearing its end and that means the new faMESHed round is around the corner. One of the items on offer this time will be this neat layered blazer/hoodie/shirt combo by Ispachi. At a time when 80% of mesh for guys is a retexture of the same mesh template, I always jump from joy when I see a new original mesh product I like. Ispachi didn't fail to deliver and this cool new jacket comes with a texture change HUD for its parts, allowing customization options. I paired it with the new jeans from FATEwear which also happen to have many options available, both in colors and fits. Credits and taxi to faMESHed to follow but remember it opens on the 1st.

    Skin : ~Tableau Vivant~ David skin "NEW"
    Eyes : IKON - Ardent eyes - Blossom
    Hair :  Dura - Boys&Girls 47
    Glasses : [Steinwerk] - Alphabeat glasses
    Jacket/shirt :  ISPACHI  - [Adam Semi-Casual Layered Top] "NEW" @ faMESHed October (comes with texture change HUD)
    Jeans : FATEwear -  Billy  (Loose fit) "NEW"
    Shoes : Mr.Poet - Derby Shoes (texture change HUD included)

    Poses by CnS & Diesel works
    Location : Rougham

  • Skin : ~Tableau Vivant~ David skin "NEW"
    Eyes : IKON - Ardent eyes - Blossom
    Hair :  [Atro Patena] - Max
    Vest & shirt : FATEwear  - Longly  "NEW" 
    Jeans : FATEwear  - Billy "NEW" 
    Bag : FATEwear  fatpack package

    Pose by Oh! Studio
    Location : Glam Affair & Tableau Vivant

  • Skin : ~Tableau Vivant~ David skin "NEW"
    Eyes : IKON - Ardent eyes - Blossom
    Hair :  Taketomi    - Jirou
    Facial hair :  NIVARO - painter beard
    Ears : [MANDALA]
    Ear piercings :  - .HoD. - Cosmis Ear Piercing  "NEW" @ The Gallery Gift shop
    Pants : RONSEM - Straight Jeans
    Tattoo :  .Reckless. - Homeward "NEW"
    Hands : Slink "NEW" 

    Pose by Del May 

    Halloween may still be more than a month away but it doesn't hurt to be prepared. Contraption was participating in Clockwork spiral event (that just ended) and this is where I grabbed this awesome mask/hat combo. It comes in many variations and it matched perfectly with these cool scissor hands I got from Remarkable Oblivion a few days ago. I know it's still early but I think I found my Halloween outfit for this year! Credits to follow.

    Hat/mask : [ContraptioN] - The Heretic Mask "NEW"
    Jacket :  [Deadwool] - The Hill jacket
    Pants : FATEwear  - Jack
    Boots : Eudora - SteamPunk Smoking Boots "NEW"
    Scissor hands : Remarkable Oblivion - Scissorhands

    Poses (on Alex) by Del May

    Eve's credits  @ Not Just a Pixel

  • This is a post about man hands, man skins and man stuff in general. September in SL feels like Christmas for us guys since surprisingly enough there have been so many cool releases for men all over the grid. Slink finally released her much anticipated male hands and as you can see in the pic above the look awesome. They come in packs with a variety of gestures and the skin matching system system is really easy. In addition [K]lean released this cool looking skin for this month's round of The Boutique event, so make sure you pay a visit! To conclude, FATEwear, another store catering to us guys, is celebrating its one year anniversary not only by offering this neat hoodie as a gift but with this awesome contest! Credits to follow.

    Skin : [K]lean - Adrian "NEW" @ The Boutique
    Eyes : IKON - Ardent eyes - Blossom
    Hair & beanie : ~Tableau Vivant~ Bean hair "NEW" @ Collabor 88
    Shirt : FATEwear - Leon  "NEW" (group gift)
    Pants : kal rau - Casual jeans M2
    Shoes : Mr.Poet - Derby Shoes (texture change HUD included)
    Watch & bracelet : MANDALA - SITENNOAH
    Hands : Slink "NEW" 

    Poses by Diesel works & CnS
    Location : Small town of green 


    Skin : ~Tableau Vivant~ David skin "NEW"
    Hair :  Taketomi - Zayn
    Eyes : IKON - Ardent eyes - Blossom
    Glasses : [Steinwerk] - Alphabeat glasses
    Ears : [MANDALA] - Stretched ears-Omimi
    Sweater : SEY -  Ensemble_01_(C/sweater)
    Pants : Elysium - Grunge pants (liquid mesh)
    Boots : Valiant - Lexington boots "NEW" @ The Boutique (texture change HUD included)

    Snowboard by Remarkable Oblivion "NEW" @ The Arcade
    Pose by CnS

    Eve's credits coming soon @ Not Just a Pixel

  • This is a post about skins, guys, guy skins and a severe lack of  shirt. The Tableau Vivant (and Glam Affair) sim recently reopened after a renovation and it looks amazing. Aida and Marilyn decided to celebrate the opening of their brands new home with a bunch of awesome releases. While there is surely a lot of prettiness available for the girls from Glam I will focus on the two brand new skins by Tableau. David (left) and Lucius (right) are two very detailed skins made with the usual quality of Tableau but offering updated tones and more brow options than ever! Honestly I didn\t think I would find a skin more fitting to my shape than my all  time favorite from the brand, Ryan, but David surely claimed the spot! Tableau didn't stop at skins though since new "Alexander" hair is available for sale, a cool long hairstyle with an even cooler name.

    On the left:
    Skin : ~Tableau Vivant~ David skin "NEW"
    Hair :  ~Tableau Vivant~ Alexander "NEW"
    Eyes : IKON - Ardent eyes - Blossom
    Necklace : [MANDALA] -Gyatei

    On the right:
    Skin :  ~Tableau Vivant~ Lucius skin "NEW"
    Hair : Dura
    Eyes : IKON - Ardent eyes - Blossom
    Necklace : ~Tableau Vivant~ Keyring necklace

  • Skin : ~Tableau Vivant~ Nathan skin - Tone 6
    Eyes :  IKON - Ardent eyes - Blossom
    Hair : [taketomi] - Gyp
    Blazer : not so bad - DEAN blazer
    Pants : Bastard  "NEW" @ Mens Dept September
    Scarf :  ISPACHI Mesh - Heuston scarf (texture change HUD included) "NEW" @ The Boutique (Sept 15)

    Pumpkin & straw bale seats by DIGS "NEW" @ The Arcade
    Beer tap by Eleventh Hour "NEW" Mens Dept September
    House by Trompe Loeil "NEW" @ Collabor 88

    Pose by CnS

  • Skin : ~Tableau Vivant~ Nathan skin - Tone14
    Eyes :  IKON - Eternal Eyes - Ice
    Hair : Action - James
    Ears :  [MANDALA]
    Ear wing accessories : Remarkable Oblivion - Elysium
    Piercings :  - .HoD. - Cosmis collection "NEW" 
    Make up :  Lovely Disarray - Cosmis Makeup "NEW" (included in HoD Cosmis set)/ +Nuuna+ - Gods & Monsters
    Gloves & hands :  Shi - Fingerless Gloves "NEW" @ Arcade

    Pose by Del May

  • This is a flash post about rugged hairy dudes, new furniture stuff and cool new stores. Consignment is a new home&decor store with some awesome stuff on offer in both "The Neighbourhood" and the "Garden". The tire bookshelf and the stepside bed you see above are both from Consignment and I have to say they are a very promising start!

    Skin : ~Tableau Vivant~ Nathan skin - Tone 6
    Hair : Exile - Hey man nice shot
    Shirt : DECO - Retro shirt "NEW" @ Mens Dept September
    Pants : RONSEM - Straight Jeans
    Belt : Remarkable Oblivion - Mechanic's bowtie "NEW" @ Mens Dept September
    Boots : Deadwool - Trauermarsch boots "NEW" @ Mens Dept September
    Tattoo : AITUI- Attack of the Bugz  "NEW" @ Mens Dept September

    Stepside bed by Consignment  "NEW" @ The Garden (closing tomorrow, hurry up!)
    Bookshelf  by Consignment  "NEW" for the Neighbourhood

    Pose by HISpose "NEW"

  • Skin : ~Tableau Vivant~ Nathan skin - Tone 6
    Eyes :  IKON - Ardent eyes - Blossom
    Cap :  ISPACHI Mesh - Mason Flatcap
    Facial hair : [CheerNo] - BEARD.07/Unorthodox 
    Blazer & shirt : [Deadwool] - Gloster jacket
    Pants : Bastard - Beigecheck pants "NEW" @ Mens Dept September
    Shoes :  ISPACHI Mesh - Mason Brogues
    Necklace : Sleepy Eddy - Pocket watch  "NEW" @ Arcade

    Poses by Diesel works
    Location : Small town of green

  • Skin : ~Tableau Vivant~ Nathan skin - Tone 6
    Eyes : IKON - Ardent eyes - Blossom
    Hat & hair :  MIAMAI - Barons top hat "NEW" @ faMESHed September
    Ears :  [MANDALA] - Stretched ears-Omimi
    Face paint :  +Nuuna+ - Lost Souls  (included in Lost Souls piercing set by .HoD. )
    Coat : FATEwear - Dante
    Pants : FATEwear  - John
    Gloves :   FATEwear  - Fred
    Shoes : Mr.Poet - Derby Shoes (texture change HUD included)
    Cane : Hate This

    Pose by Del May
    Location : Fetish circus

    Listening to...

  • This is a post about coffee, coffee machines, Arcade gacha and magnificent butts. Early September days and this means another round of Arcade is open and ready to empty your wallets (if it hasn't already). Undoubtedly the most successful event of the grid these days, it returns every next month with even more awesomeness than the previous round. Its popularity is easily proven not only by the seer amount of traffic the event location has but also from all the yard sales having gacha spares for sale for the unlucky ones who can't get in yet. In this post you can see pictured parts of the coffee house gacha by Standby Inc and the Milk & cookies set by PILOT, both available in the Arcade. More Arcade goodies coming soon, grab the taxi below and happy gaching (I just made that word up)!

    Taxi to Arcade gacha event

    Coffee, tea and espresso machine by Standby Inc "NEW" @ Arcade gacha event
    Milk bottle and glasses by PILOT "NEW" @ Arcade gacha event
    Kitchen by Trompe Loeil
    Chair (including poses) by Diesel works
    Gorgeous photobombing backside by Eve Leroux