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    This is a post about memes, city centers, lakeside huts, vampire castles and medieval awesomeness. This week's "monday meme" from Berry's blog is about all those sims you love visiting and taking pics in SL. Since I have never really done any pics for this blog without my hairy mug in them I thought it was time to do just that for once.

    The first sim I thought I'd share is the Mayfair sim. I'm pretty sure most of you know it already since it has been a favorite place for blog pics and I have used it myself quite a few times. The reason is not only the fact that it's fully mesh (unless I'm horribly mistaken) but also the success it has capturing the "city center" feel, perfect for fashion blog pics.

    The second place in my list is Roche. It is an awesome rendition of a lakeside picturesque place with various really detailed buildings scattered all around, perfect for pics. From a rail station to a bakery and from this neat farm you see above to a bus stop, Roche is a sim begging to be explored.

    Gehena Vampire clan is a sim I've only recently discovered from Ziki's blog and that's the reason I haven't really used it for any pics yet. It features a really detailed medieval/fantasy style of town with this badass castle towering over it. It's perfect for fantasy/RP kind of pics and I'm sure I will be using it a lot in the near future.

    Last but not least, the beautiful Venexia sim. Another vampire RP sim, Venexia captures perfectly the style and mood of renaissance Venice. Its design is so awesome that everytime I am in it I feel like I am playing an Assassin's Creed game! A "must visit" both for photographers and RPers.

    I have to say I really had a hard time picking just four because I can think of so many other places I love visiting. Insilico, Virtual Decay, Rougham, Looking Glass to name a few, so many places in my list not only for their looks but also because they bring back memories from a time my SL was more about playing and exploring than it is now .

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    1. Absolutely gorgeous pics! Also, some of us like your hairy mug. :P

    2. Thank you and for yet another fun meme:) Also no worries more hairiness coming soon.

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