• Digs newness & Consignment for Arcade

    This is a post about cool living room sets, travelers and Arcade;s March round. When I'm buying a new house I'm guilty of just decorating one room and leaving the rest empty because I kinda suck at it. This time the room of choice is the living room and that's because I really wanted to use the new living set by Digs. It comes with chairs, couches, decor and pretty much everything you need for a living room set. Additionally I kept a small corner empty so I could put there this cool traveler's set by Consignment. It is a gacha set and you can find it in the new Arcade round (good luck getting in though).

    1st pic :

    Couch by DIGS "NEW"
    Armchair by DIGS  "NEW"
    Coffee table by DIGS  "NEW"
    Cabinet and chest by DIGS  "NEW"
    Fireplace by DIGS 
    Bookcase & water decor by Trompe Loeil
    Curtain by [Ink]
    House by Scarlet Creative

    2nd pic:

    Desk, props, chair & board by Consignment  "NEW" @ Arcade
    House by Scarlet Creative

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