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    This is a post about surprisingly well dressed cyberpunk dudes, blog memes and books. I haven't written anything for a while here and once again Berry's Monday meme helped with my writer's block. This time you have to answer a few questions related to your literary preferences and since I'm a big fan of the cyberpunk genre,  I thought it was quite fitting for the pic I had ready.

    1. Are you a bookworm? I used to be quite the bookworm when I was younger (I started reading really early as a kid) but nowadays not so much.
    2. Which do you prefer: hardcover, paperback or electronic? Hardcover. They look better, smell better and they need no charging. I'm old school like that.
    3. Which book is your favorite? I don't really have a favorite book because I've liked so many over the years. I could say Lovecraft's works for their influence over their genre, Gibson's Neuromancer for pretty much the same reason and anything by Arthur Clarke but still there are so many more.
    4. Which children’s book is your favorite? This is easier to answer because despite all the books I 've read as a kid, two book series were my absolute favorites. The first was Three Investigators, a kid detective book series (prologued by the man himself, Alfred Hitchcock) that I was in love with. The second were of course the infamous Goosebumps.
    5. What’s the last book you’ve read? An old horror fiction classic called The King in Yellow. Blame HBO's True Detective for that.
    6. Name your top five favorite writers: This one is hard. I'd say H.P Lovecraft, Arthur Clarke, Edgar Allan Poe, Jules Verne and Philip K. Dick. There are many modern day writers I like but I prefer mentioning the classics since they pretty much defined their genres.
    7. Name a book that had a strong impact on you: Fifty shades of grey. I kinda knew people are stupid but 90 million copies later I was sure of it.
    8. Favorite & least favorite book genres? Well as you can tell from the answers above I'm a big fan of science fiction, mystery and horror. Non fiction bores me and I would choose torture over having to read any kind of romance novel.
    9.  Favorite & least favorite book-to-movie adaptations? Despite many claims to the contrary I really liked the way Lord of the Rings was adapted to the big screen. I'm very lenient with book-to-movie renditions because I realize the difficulty behind them but I have to say War of the Worlds was a really bad one (even as a loose adaptation). I just hate Tom Cruise too.
    10. Have you ever bought a book based on the cover alone? Yes, especially as a kid.
    11. Where do you usually buy your books? From the biggest bookstore in the city center. My parents used to take me there as a kid and it just stuck.
    12. Do you go to the library? No.
    13. How many books do you own? Several hundreds but I haven't read them all. I have a bookcase the size of a room wall which includes many of my late uncle's books. I don't think I will ever manage to read everything in there.
    14. If you were to write a book about Second Life, which topic would you focus on? SLex, duh.
    Wow, that was a lot of writing! Now credits.

    Skin : ~Tableau Vivant~ David skin
    Hat : Epia - Fedora "NEW"
    Mask : Contraption - Mono S-23 visor "NEW" @ Futurewave
    Coat : FATEwear -  Dave 

    Pose by Del May 

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    1. LOL SLex huh? Can't wait to read your book. :P

    2. It would be an academic essay from a virgin's perspective of course!

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