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    This is a post about photographers and their eyes, long haired dudes and facial piercings. Remarkable Oblivion is on a creative roll lately and their new release for faMESHed is no exception. The "Photographer's eye" comes in both closed and open versions and you can find it at the event. Since this blog post is all about stuff I'm wearing on my mug, a new release by HoD had to be there. This facial piercing set is not only brand new but it is also a gift (VIP group members) for the store's 4th anniversary. Happy Bday HoD! Lastly this cool new hair is yet another addition to Tableau Vivant's growing collection of longer hairstyles. You can also grab it at new faMESHed.

    Taxi to faMESHed

    Skin :  ~Tableau Vivant~ Lucius skin "NEW"
    Eye(s) : IKON - Ardent eyes - Blossom
    Hair : ~Tableau Vivant~ Beaumont "NEW" @ faMESHed October
    Camera eye thingy : Remarkable Oblivion - Photographer's eye  "NEW" @ faMESHed October
    Piercings :  - .HoD. - Broken Reflection "NEW" (VIP group gift)

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