• About boiler suits and murder

    Yes, this is indeed a post about boiler suits, Halloween and inescapable murder. FATEplay is celebrating Halloween with a cool new release of murderous boiler suits. Inspired but famous killers of fiction the suits come with fitting accessories like bloody knives, hockey masks and machetes. Each suit comes with its own "tool" to play (in a very murderous way) with but if you want to mix and match you can also get the "tools of the trade" kit with all weapons/masks.

    Hair :  ~Tableau Vivant~ Kawashima "NEW"  @ Collabor 88
    Mask :  FATEplay - Hockey Mask  "NEW"
    Suit :  FATEplay - J.D. - Myers "NEW"
    Knife : FATEplay  - Chef Knife "NEW"
    Potential murdertime victim : Find your own!

    Pose (on me) by Del May

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