• Mens Dept January

    This a post about awesome events for guys, steampunk fireplaces, and bars made of boats. Mens Dept is the "to go" event for guys for some time now but in my humble opinion this round is the best so far. Not only it is full with quality mesh clothing but the home & garden items you can find there are impressive as well. You can see some of them in the pic above since the "Salty bar" set from Cheeky Pea and the "Wanderlust" art set from Consignment are both available at Mens Dept. Credits and taxi to follow.

    Taxi to Mens Dept

    Bar set (bar, stools, wall art, light) by Cheeky Pea "NEW" @ Mens Dept January
    Wall art (tickets) by Consignment "NEW" @ Mens Dept January
    Fireplace by Consignment  "NEW"
    Boat decor and rows by Apple Fall (past Arcade gacha)

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