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    This is a post about fears, me being a wuss and lots of water. Don't let the title fool you, this is not a post about anal sex. It is Tuesday so that probably means two things, SL is being a bitch with the rolling restarts and Berry has posted a new meme/blog challenge. This one is called "the Haunted meme" and it's about letting the world know about one of your fears (accompanied with a pic of course). It can be anything from heights and spiders to Cher and the lack of lube so I had to put a little thought on that. A lot of fears came to mind but most of them were mental and seemed too common and rational (death, old age, loosing your mind) so I went for the one thing that makes me uneasy for no apparent reason. Deep, dark water.

    At this point I have to clarify that I'm in no way afraid of the sea since I live in a country with literally thousands of islands and I've been swimming since before I even remember myself. I can trace the first time I really felt that uneasy feeling back when I was 16 and on holidays alone with a bunch of friends for the first time without parents. We were staying for a few days in a small island and naturally we were spending most of our time on the beach. The locals have told us not to wander too far from the shore line because the waters deepened suddenly due to an underwater chasm but of course me and two other friends didn't pay much attention and we started drifting while talking about stuff 16 year old dudes talk. Wasn't long before we realised we have drifted a little too far from the shore and that was when we noticed the drastic change in the color of water around us. Even if it was still day the water was close to pitch black (not even the deep blue kind) and at that exact moment it hit me (my friends too) and we started swimming back without delay.

    It wasn't the kind of fear that scares you and causes panic, it was more like that uneasy feeling creeping slowly inside and a voice in your head telling you "you really should NOT be here". Suffice to say we reached shallow water panting from the distance we had to swim. After asking around that night we found out that a few miles further from that area is one of the deepest parts of the Mediterranean. We never went to that beach again!

    I've caught myself thinking about what exactly gave me that feeling back then everytime I look at deep "open sea" water. At first thought the fear sure seems irrational since sharks around here are a really rare sight, the weather was good and there was no chance Great Cthulhu could be sleeping below me! I can only guess it is the fear of the unknown, the feeling that on the slim chance something is lurking below, you will never see it and even if you do you are way out of your element to do something about it.That said I've had a blast going night swimming  many times since then because what good fears are if you never try to conquer them. Just don't go too deep...

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    1. Oh my goodness! This is my fear..I don't like seeing giant shadows in the water, and I freak out about what's underneath so much that I rarely get into oceans or lakes. I'm also terrified of whales and the giant shadow they make when coming up to the surface.. AHHHH thanks for writing this, I'm not alone. *cries* hahaha.

    2. Oh gosh, that gave me goosebumps reading that. I am sure I would have panicked! Glad you got out of there safe and sound.

    3. ok, now I have a new fear o.O

    4. I have this reoccurring nightmare of getting caught mid-tide and being pulled into deep darky murky ocean water and looming shadows of gawd only knows what..no dolphins to save me, no prince eric, nada....I'm so gonna have this one tonight lol

    5. Thanks y'all and yes sea can be scary but it's also beautiful :)

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