• Seven SL facts about me you probably don't need to know

    I admit that I'm really bad at following all these memes and challenges going on in SL blogs. Yesterday though I stumbled upon this meme post on Strawberry Singh's blog and it seemed like a really fun idea. So here are my seven SL facts you probably don't really want to know but I will put them before the credits so you will have to see them anyway (evil laugh).

    My 7 SL facts :

    Fact #1 : I'm a hermit in SL. You have probably heard other SLers saying that too but it's true, I rarely leave my sky platform unless I go shopping, take a pic or fall from it (I fall a lot).

    Fact #2 : "Sleepy" typo frenzy. The few people I actually DO hang out with in SL are in completely different timezones so in order to see them I stay awake way more than I should. This results in a massive amount of "sleepy" typos if I'm in chat during that time and an insane amount of coffee consumption next morning.

    Fact #3 : Younger than I look. I'm in SL since the summer of '09 but in truth I'm way younger than that. I have taken really long breaks (no logging in at all) so my true SL age is 2 years old which is a good excuse for my occasional noobness.

    Fact #4 : I hate my full SL name. When I made the account I didn't plan on staying long (made it because of an article I was writing about SL at the time) but seriously who puts freakin dates in their names (me apparently). On the bright side I get a good laugh at quite a few SLers with poor observation skills over the years who have asked me my age.

    Fact #5 : Skins and eyes loyalist. While I do change my outfit in SL almost daily, I very rarely change my skin and eyes. I will try different ones for specific looks and pics but I always have my "regular" skin and eyes that I change 1-2 times a year at most.

    Fact #6: I love SL photography. It's the first thing I miss everytime I take a long break and my flickr account (well, the old one before it got deleted for no freakin reason) was the same age as my avatar. Over the last year I have even started trying my hand at making poses for CnS e-motion (shameless self promo).

    Fact #7 : I've had pixel sex once. With system layer socks on. White system layer socks. It was good.

    And now the important stuff :

    Skin : ~Tableau Vivant~ Ryan skin - Tone 5
    Eyes : Insufferable Dastard - Gem / Mesh Eyes / Light Green
    Hair :  Taketomi - Zayn
    Facial hair : [CheerNo] - BEARD.07 /EMO-tions:. - *LENNART* beard  
    Piercings : - .HoD. - Lisbeth
    Ears :  [MANDALA] - Stretched ears-Omimi
    T-shirt : Kal Rau - Casual tee "NEW"
    Jeans : REDGRAVE - Navy Jeans LQM  "NEW" ( liquid mesh patent, conforms to avatar shape) 
    Necklace : Maxi Gossamer - Raven skull necklace
    Tattoo : AITUI - When the beast 

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    1. I literally LOL'd at #7! hahahahahaha Also, don't you just hate timezones?
      Thank you so much for participating, you really gave me a good giggle this morning. <3

    2. This was very entertaining! Thank you for posting it.

    3. Very interesting tidbits! I also LOL'd at #7 - must have been some great socks.

    4. LOL @ Fact #7. WIN!

    5. thanks everyone, really had fun with this meme too :)

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