• To a CINEMA near you : Handverk

    One of the most interesting genres in Cinema event is... of course XXX! Designers getting creative and bringing you exclusive raunchy items for the event is why you definitely have to visit.One of them is Handverk and this "Porno couch" is one of their items for the event.It is mesh,textured with rugged black leather (with the right amount of stains on it) and comes with a camera, a rug and a director's chair in some of the animations. If you are an aspiring sl-porn director wanting a "casting" couch or just someone wanting a nice, rugged leather couch, this is for you!Taxi to Cinema below, stay tuned for more posts about the event!

    TAXI to Cinema

    Pose on Alex : included in the couch animations
    Pose on the girls : CnS e-motion

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