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    Ok,a little break from full outfit blogging again in order to show you two new releases.The first is this awesome granny chair (yes you read right,granny chair!) from HISpose.It comes with 5 static poses and you can even click on the doily's to make them vanish if you want to (I didn't since it's a granny chair and grannies love doily's!).It will be available for sale at Vintage Fair (4th-29th Aug).More info about Vintage Fair here,SLURL coming soon!

    The second item is the new skin release by NIVARO,called Brando.Brando comes in 8 tones with various body and facial hair options.Check out this and other NIVARO skins here.

    Skin : NIVARO - Brando - springtone-trailhair "NEW"
    Eyes : IKON -  'Sunrise' Eyes - Pale Verdigris
    Facial hair :  NIVARO - painter beard /*Valiant & Sacred* - 2.0 Chin Strap v1
    Scar : VCD - Express Yourself
    Tattoo :   BUID Tattoo -  inside face  82 

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